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  • What is nemonic?
    nemonic is a sticky note printer that enables to quickly & easily print notes made on PC and Mobile devices or pictures on sticky paper and attach them wherever you want.
    You can use it just as existing notepads or as digital notepads by installing a dedicated app.
  • Do I need ink or toner?
    Unlike existing printers, nemonic does not use ink or toners which virtually removes the cost for maintenance.
    All you need is a low-cost, nemonic paper catridge.
  • How does printing work?
    nemonic uses the thermal method on which heat is directly applied to paper without using any ink or toners.
  • What is the difference between nemonic and conventional printers?
    nemonic is a mini sticky note printer.
    It is smaller than conventional printers - just the right size for your desk or a place beside your monitor.
    Using nemonic, you can easily print short notes or drawings too small for regular size paper.
  • Where can I use nemonic?
    nemonic is a smart device which enables quick & easy printing of notes or pictures at the office, home or educational sites.
    Wherever used, it helps printing simple notes or delivering such notes to others.
  • How about consumables cost?
    Unlike conventional printers, nemonic does not use any ink or toners for printing - so no need to worry about consumables cost!
    All you need to do is buy the dedicated printing paper.
  • Is nemonic Apple-certified?
    nemonic is an Apple-certified accessory recognized as being able to connect & use with most iOS devices without any problems. (MFI certified)
  • What is SMAPP certification?
    nemonic is certified by ‘SMAPP’, the accessory certification by Samsung, which guarantees compatibility with Samsung products.
  • Do I need to use nemonic on mobile only?
    You can print with Nemonic using the dedicated mobile app & connecting it via Bluetooth with Nemonic printer. But you can also use it just like conventional printers on a PC by downloading a dedicated printer driver.
  • Can I use nemonic with another person?
    nemonic can be simultaneously connected and used by multiple users via Bluetooth.
    You can use it with others at a meeting room or at home (ex: living room).
  • Can I print using nemonic on a PC?
    You can easily connect & use nemonic with a PC using USB, just like conventional printers.
    For this, you need to download and install a dedicated program and driver from our website.
  • Can I use nemonic on both iOS & Android?
    You can use nemonic on both iOS AND Android.
    Android OS version 5.0 (Lollipop) and later, as well as iOS version 9.0 (iPhone 5) and later are supported.
    Download the dedicated app for ‘nemonic’ on Google Play Store and Apple App Store to start using nemonic with tablets or iPad.
  • Can I print pictures?
    You can import pictures on the dedicated mobile app or PC and print it in grayscale.
    Enjoy the feature of printing pictures immediately after taking them, as well as the capability to import & print pictures from your smartphone album.
  • Where was nemonic made?
    nemonic is developed & manufactured in Korea.
  • What is CES Best Innovation Award?
    nemonic received the ‘2017 Best Innovation Award’ by CES.
    CES is the worlds’ biggest home appliances expo that selects & awards innovative products every year.
    Only one product per category is selected for the Best Innovation Award.
    nemonic received the award for the ‘PC accessory’ category.
  • Which paper colors are available?
    nemonic Paper cartridge are availble in White, Blue, Pink and Yellow.
  • Which product colors are available?
    nemonic was released in 5 pastel colors - Lime Green, Peach Pink, Coconut White, Berry Blue and Lemon Yellow.
  • I cannot connect nemonic to my smartphone or tablet.
    Please check if Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone/tablet, then use the app to search, select & connect the printer.
    If the issue persists, go to Settings > Connection > Bluetooth menu of the smartphone/tablet device, disconnect nemonic and try to reconnect it using the app.

  • No printer is available for connection on the printer list.
    Please check if Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone/tablet and ensure that nemonic is turned on. If the printer is still not found, turn off nemonic and turn it on again.
  • My iPhone or iPad continues to prompt ‘Check if nemonic is turned on & within device range.’ when pairing it to nemonic.
    If you try to reconnect with an already paired nemonic, the message ‘Check if nemonic is turned on & within device range.’ may appear.
    In this case, go to the Home > Settings > Bluetooth menu on your iPhone or iPad, delete the paired nemonic and reconnect it.
    Delete the device list by going to My Device list on the Bluetooth menu, pressing the already paired nemonic’s (i) button and selecting [Delete this device]. Re-pair nemonic to your device by searching & selecting it again.