Download Android, iOS apps and Windows driver/application
to start your memo.

Print quickly using nemonic smart device app. Compose memos from smart phones or tablet PCs easily.
Take out photos from your Picture Galleries or Photos to take memos on top of them or just print the templates provided.
Print out small notes that were a hassle to print out.
The templates that the app provide can be used in many circumstances other than work.

Print from nemonic by connection to PCs or mobile devices. Search and
install ‘nemonic’ application from mobile App markets
Supported OS
Android 5.0(Lollipop) and later / iOS 9.0 and later (iPhone 5 and later) / Windows 7 and later / Mac OS 10.9 and later

MOBILE ‘nemonic’
Try out nemonic app with simple and easy UX
with minimalistic interface design on Android and iOS
Suggested platform: Android 5.0(Lollipop) and later / iOS 9.0 and later.

PC ‘nemonic’
Direct printing is also available from PC memo program,
making it easy to print small memos or notes.
(App is switchable from ‘Simple mode’ and ‘Detailed mode’)
Suggested use on Windows 7